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Loving, hating, leaving and coming back to the Hijab

There is an interesting article published on  entitled “Loving and Leaving the Head Scarf,” always an interesting topic of discussion for muslim women. There is also what I am sure will be an interesting discussion about the article on



I have noticed this phenomenon of Muslim women taking off the hijab- at least in my community. You are definitely taken aback when  you see sisters who have worn it for years decide to take it off. If you ask Muslim women why they decided to cover or uncover, you will get varying responses.  


I knew a younger sister who started wearing it to annoy her parents. In the end, she took it off  or as she put it “decided to just take a break from religion.” One common response I often hear is that some sisters fear that they are perceived as being “too” religious when it comes to finding an eligible spouse.  


One common thread that I have noticed with the “take off  hijab syndrome” is a spiritual disconnection from Allah and a total disregard for the fact that it is a commandment.  


Even after wearing it for years, I continue to struggle with it. For me it has more to do with feeling of hypocrisy eating away at me.  I feel like i am living a dual life of sorts. One hand praying, covering and on the other hand making bad decisions and committing major sins.  It just does not add up!


I have given all the pep talks on how if you wait become a perfect Muslim to cover your never will or just because you are lacking in one aspect of your faith doesn’t mean you should neglect other aspects of it. If  your ultimate purpose of wearing isn’t to obey allah than it really isn’t a big deal.


I sometimes I think that one more year of  age equals one more year closer to getting to the age when I am past my child bearing years/age of marriage  and I can take it off and go unnoticed.  Anyone got a specific number or when that is??


So why do I keep it on? Perhaps I just fear Allah plain and simple (in a scared sh*tless sort of way) .


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