I have exciting news, we have now been put into a new little box. Perhaps this one will even put us up one step on the social ladder.  I am a BAM- who knew! This term refers to Black American Muslim. This term has been all over the Internet recently.

Every time i look at my hand i keep seeing the color brown so i am still trying to figure out where this black comes from.  Why can’t I just be an AM, an American Muslim or would i have to be Caucasian to qualify?  No other country plays the race card with such vigor like the uSA.  OK, I digress, back to my rant!  I feel incredibility alienated from Muslims in general. Although i have always been a very open and welcoming person, I will admit that my heart has harden considerably after experiencing and observing the pervasive racism that exist within this ummah. I have struggled to find my niche. You name it, I have experienced it:MSA, ISNA, Zaytuna,Al Maghrib,  Salafies and the Sufis. The vast majority of American Muslim institutions cater to a certain crowd. I don’t have to spell it out, but you get the picture!

Sometimes i regret ever saying those words that put in the position to have to deal with these people

 Isn’t that a horrible thing to say!

Anyway here is the most depressing response from the muslim matters post.

A certain brother said:

Hmmm…maybe the reason BAMs are so critical of IMMs are because they finally have a chance to look down on someone. Blacks are seen as being at the bottom and now all of a sudden these IMM fobs come over that are the butt of all the jokes.

So BAMs get a bit more identity by bashing on someone else, feel good, feel confident and justified about it?

In terms of BAMs and IMMs we all get used to a level of discrimination and so when this stuff comes up it seems really unusual for BAMs to get so antagonistic on their own brothers. I know for a fact that your classical Pakistani uncle will openly say, “Yes, we are negro!” because he sincerely believes he is. Hmmm?

I have to say this comment really shocked me.

Ok, back to work!


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    amad said,

    salam brother,
    the only reason I used the term BAM because that is what I was told African-Americans prefer, say over AA Muslims. You will see Br. Tariq Nelson use this term too, and in many ways I seek out Br. Tariq for advice in many areas. Mashallah, he is a person to look up to in the blogging world.

    In any case, I had hoped the post to be opening up bridges and closing the divide inshallah, not the reverse.


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